Hip Davis Square

A robust social culture lives, breaths and reigns supreme here. Davis Square is the pinnacle of cool with its festivals and activities.

ArtBeat, one of the largest and most-anticipated festivals in Davis Square, typically features a dozen bands and 80 craft vendors; HONK! Festival is a one-of-a-kind street spectacle of brass bands and percussion ensembles; and PorchFest is exactly what it sounds like—bands playing on porches, serenading passersby. Music and the arts are alive in Davis Square! But the community events don’t stop there. There are also 5k runs like M.O.M.’s RUN for cancer held every Mother’s Day and the seasonal Jingle Bell 5K RUN that benefits several local nonprofits. You won’t find a sense of community like this anywhere else.

Articles about Davis Square “hipness”

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The Boston Globe calls Davis Square the epitome of “Prime Hipness”, June 29, 2016:  ‘Cool Streets’ report ranks Boston’s hotspots

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